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10th Anniversary Week: Sound Sanctuary, Leanie Kaleido, Jono Harrison, The Violet Jive, Harley & Woods, Friday 7th August 2015

This show is part of the Paul Dunton & Guests 10th anniversary celebration week!

Tickets £6


Headline Act: Harley & Woods

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​Harley & Woods is the collaboration of singer/​ ​songwriter Jez Harley and guitarist Sam Woods.​ Their music​ is described as a soulful fusion of blues, funk and americana. The pair met whilst studying music together at University and it quickly became clear that they shared similar influences, taste and ideas. Since starting this project they have played together in many UK venues and even embarked on a trip to New Orleans, where they performed together at the French Quarter Festival​​​​.​ You can see them as a duo or with their electrifying 6 piece band featuring some incredible musicians including Phil Scragg (bass), Pete Wheeler (drums), Josh Roots (keys) and James Penny (saxophone/ flute). ​To listen to their music and stay updated on gigs/ recording sessions please visit their website.

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The Violet Jive

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A retro Swing sound with feverish Latino curves, Hip-Hop head nods and a cool dark Alternative rock twist!

Formed and fronted by songwriter, producer, musical ‘mixologist’ Steve Spall -Guitar/Vocals as a platform for his vibrantly original material. The band features Paul Beeching on the 'cupboard of love' aka Double Bass, and rhythmic rebel Matt Wilson on Drums, alongside Spall's mesmerizing vocals and highly revered 'filthy Spy-esque' swing/alternative guitar prowess. Influences include The Jungle Book soundtrack, Portishead, Soundgarden, Brian Setzer/ Stray Cats, Tarantino Sountracks, The Gotan Project, Tom Waits, Beastie Boys & Beyond.

“Fresh ideas, retro vibes and a healthy dose of musical juxtaposition, will engage fans of widely varying musical genres” –Timeout.

A debut originals album ’Far Flung’ was released on the band’s label Pitch-Ray Records in 2008, a mellow yet tantalizingly dark introduction to The Violet Jive sound (available on iTunes), and a new album ‘Rhythm Mythology’ is due Spring 2011.

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Jono Harrison

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Whether turning his hand to the studio or the stage, it can be hard to pin Jono Harrison down. It is fair to say that he lives and breathes music in a way that borders on obsession.

Formerly a session musician playing in various bands around London, a mystifying back injury forced him to put away his guitar for nearly two years. He taught himself recording techniques, and delved into albums such as Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ and Nick Drake’s harrowing ‘Pink Moon’. Upon recovering, he set about writing own song ideas and recording demos, playing dingy bars around London and Brighton to whoever would listen. Six years on, he signed a deal with boutique label ‘Which Wolf Wins’ and released his eponymous debut album.

Jono subsequently toured the US and and the UK. He co-founded a 28 piece orchestra and joined 80s legends Cutting Crew on keyboard duties, all the while producing other acts and quietly writing in his home studio. As he gathers up influences from wherever he lays his hat, including electronica, trip-hop or post-punk - Jono has been developing a wider, beat-driven sound, soaked in warm synthesisers and chiming guitars, moving on from his former acoustic leanings but still embracing his love of heart-warming melodies.

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Leanie Kaleido

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Once labelled by Play Music magazine as ‘audio ganja’, Kent/Sussex-based singer-songwriter Léanie Kaleido interweaves soothing vocals and quirky lyrics with infectious melodies that will indelibly worm their way into your head and take up residence permanently.

Her unique style is mellow and wistful but slightly warped; sometimes gentle, often dark songs, peppered with tongue-in-cheek ditties about exploding breast implants, a travelling witch, Doctor Marten boots and recurring dreams.

Influences have come from a variety of paths, including the blues music played by her father (Top Topham of The Yardbirds), and from a childhood diet of Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading, Kate Bush and Elton John, to the Stone Roses, the Cocteau Twins, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey, as well as her love of classical music, and her study of literature and philosophy that have helped shape her lyrics along the way.

Her début album, Karamelién, and the brand new follow up, Quicksands & Shadows, have both received national airplay and excellent reviews in the press.

R J Ellory, musician & international bestselling author, sums up the new album: “Quintessentially English and beautifully-constructed, these tracks invoke the very best of our homegrown singer-songwriters. Think Beverley Craven, Lily Allen and Dido, and you're on the right road, but Léanie is never anything but fresh and original. Listen, then listen again, and you’ll be captured...’

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Sound Sanctuary

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Sound Sanctuary is a British indie folk group founded by Canadian born singer-songwriter Toby Guy. Adopting the title of the singer’s debut solo record as their moniker, the original line-up emerged from the 'garden of England' county of Kent shortly after the turn of the millennium. They introduced their sound with a series of demo EPs before releasing two records - 2005's mini-album 'Contact' and a full length follow up 'Dust' in 2008.

The group's music has achieved national radio airplay with the likes of BBC Radio 2, XFM & 6Music and tracks have even found their way onto the box with live performances for Sky and early track 'Tu De Che' earning placement on two international television commercials for a well known ice cream brand. Their live escapades have seen them support artists such as The Stranglers, Mumford & Sons and The Three Degrees.

Now, after a five year hiatus, which saw the formation of alter-ego indie-pop band Burning Shapes, Toby has returned with newly written Sound Sanctuary material and can currently be found road testing songs with the help of new collaborators at a series of local shows. 

"Imagine Brian Eno producing The Everly Brothers in an overgrown suburban greenhouse. There is a sly imagination at work here and a gift for melody." - Music OMH 

"There is always that moment when I feel inclined to reach for an album by Nick Drake, Low, Neil Young or the Kings of Convenience; when nothing else will suffice, but a hit of introspective acoustic style songs. Sound Sanctuary have found their way into that special place inside my record collection." - Big Chill

"Sound Sanctuary are in a part of the music world that they have created themselves avoiding the clichés most other acts pile on with no shame." - Fair Hearing

"The group have created something quite unexpected that should act as a good starting point for a career that should shine." - Atomic Duster

"Dreamscape of epic proportions, like ever decreasing circles, you lose yourself blissfully" - Subba-Cultcha

"Sound Sanctuary have succeeded where so many bands before them have failed - in breaking the mould. If Richard Ashcroft ever had a secret lovechild with Suzanne Vega, I would expect the resulting spawned musical genius to produce something like this." - Twisted Outlook

"The harmonious flow of the tracks, and the snippets and samples that filter their way into the introductions, brings to mind the Beta Band and their genre-blending. The lyrics have an ethereal feel to them as well, in the space of a few lines managing to debate the existence of God, Love and Rock n Roll." - Room 13

"Flawlessly beautiful outing from this generation's Radiohead. Sound Sanctuary have given us a stunning platter of indie-esque art rock that lays claim to no one genre, instead it adapts every genre from blues to electronica, from soul to rock to create something truly unique." - New Noise

"Playful whoosh of Lemon Jelly and Zero 7's ambient vocals. Could be a blissed-out fave with Big Chillers." - Teletext

"A burnished cocktail of folk, trip hop, 60s West Coast pop and blissed out art rock... Imagine Simon and Garfunkel gone electronica and you won't be far off." - The Beat

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