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I am delighted to announce that my Paul Dunton & Guests – Local Music by Candlelight series will be joining forces with AYS Radio run by Appleyard Studios.

It is fantastic to work with like minded people like Jeff Topp of AYS who also strongly believe in promoting genuine unsigned original music talent.  The collaboration will enable artists playing at the showcases staged at The Grey Lady, (TWells) The Music Room (Maidstone) and The Pheasantry (London) to enjoy airplay of their music on AYS in the build up to their gigs with the goal of broadening the fanbase for both artist, AYS and the showcases themselves. This association will also allow Appleyard Studios to develop and expand their clientele and embellish their reputation furthermore as a place you can go to for excellent and competitively priced recording studio services.

Jeff of Appleyard Studios adds:

Appleyard Studios (AYS Radio) is really pleased and excited to be working with Paul Dunton and Guests. We love to work with local talent to help support and promote them as much as we can. So much good music goes unheard, so AYS Radio can give unsigned and up coming artists a new platform to be heard on. Teaming up with Paul seemed a natural next step for Appleyard Studios as we offer a professional recording facility open to not just professionals but to the numerous artists and bands that Paul is connected with. AYS Radio will be featuring many of Paul's artists as and when they appear at the Grey Lady or any event that Paul runs.  

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