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Jono Harrison

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Whether turning his hand to the studio or the stage, it can be hard to pin Jono Harrison down. It is fair to say that he lives and breathes music in a way that borders on obsession.

Formerly a session musician playing in various bands around London, a mystifying back injury forced him to put away his guitar for nearly two years. He taught himself recording techniques, and delved into albums such as Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ and Nick Drake’s harrowing ‘Pink Moon’. Upon recovering, he set about writing own song ideas and recording demos, playing dingy bars around London and Brighton to whoever would listen. Six years on, he signed a deal with boutique label ‘Which Wolf Wins’ and released his eponymous debut album.

Jono subsequently toured the US and and the UK. He co-founded a 28 piece orchestra and joined 80s legends Cutting Crew on keyboard duties, all the while producing other acts and quietly writing in his home studio. As he gathers up influences from wherever he lays his hat, including electronica, trip-hop or post-punk - Jono has been developing a wider, beat-driven sound, soaked in warm synthesisers and chiming guitars, moving on from his former acoustic leanings but still embracing his love of heart-warming melodies.


Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 22nd July 2018
Danny Bridle, Katy Virgoe, Leanie Kaleido, Jono Harrison