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Sound Sanctuary

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Sound Sanctuary is a British indie folk group founded by Canadian born singer-songwriter Toby Guy. Adopting the title of the singer’s debut solo record as their moniker, the original line-up emerged from the 'garden of England' county of Kent shortly after the turn of the millennium. They introduced their sound with a series of demo EPs before releasing two records - 2005's mini-album 'Contact' and a full length follow up 'Dust' in 2008.

The group's music has achieved national radio airplay with the likes of BBC Radio 2, XFM & 6Music and tracks have even found their way onto the box with live performances for Sky and early track 'Tu De Che' earning placement on two international television commercials for a well known ice cream brand. Their live escapades have seen them support artists such as The Stranglers, Mumford & Sons and The Three Degrees.

Now, after a five year hiatus, which saw the formation of alter-ego indie-pop band Burning Shapes, Toby has returned with newly written Sound Sanctuary material and can currently be found road testing songs with the help of new collaborators at a series of local shows. 

"Imagine Brian Eno producing The Everly Brothers in an overgrown suburban greenhouse. There is a sly imagination at work here and a gift for melody." - Music OMH 

"There is always that moment when I feel inclined to reach for an album by Nick Drake, Low, Neil Young or the Kings of Convenience; when nothing else will suffice, but a hit of introspective acoustic style songs. Sound Sanctuary have found their way into that special place inside my record collection." - Big Chill

"Sound Sanctuary are in a part of the music world that they have created themselves avoiding the clichés most other acts pile on with no shame." - Fair Hearing

"The group have created something quite unexpected that should act as a good starting point for a career that should shine." - Atomic Duster

"Dreamscape of epic proportions, like ever decreasing circles, you lose yourself blissfully" - Subba-Cultcha

"Sound Sanctuary have succeeded where so many bands before them have failed - in breaking the mould. If Richard Ashcroft ever had a secret lovechild with Suzanne Vega, I would expect the resulting spawned musical genius to produce something like this." - Twisted Outlook

"The harmonious flow of the tracks, and the snippets and samples that filter their way into the introductions, brings to mind the Beta Band and their genre-blending. The lyrics have an ethereal feel to them as well, in the space of a few lines managing to debate the existence of God, Love and Rock n Roll." - Room 13

"Flawlessly beautiful outing from this generation's Radiohead. Sound Sanctuary have given us a stunning platter of indie-esque art rock that lays claim to no one genre, instead it adapts every genre from blues to electronica, from soul to rock to create something truly unique." - New Noise

"Playful whoosh of Lemon Jelly and Zero 7's ambient vocals. Could be a blissed-out fave with Big Chillers." - Teletext

"A burnished cocktail of folk, trip hop, 60s West Coast pop and blissed out art rock... Imagine Simon and Garfunkel gone electronica and you won't be far off." - The Beat


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 27th January 2016
Gronk, Paul Wheeler, Sound Sanctuary, Funke & The Two Tone Baby