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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 19th January 2020

Headline Act: Nick Stephens

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Nick Stephens invented the Octave Guitar to create a very full sound for his Funky Blues Gospel songs. You can hear how good it sounds by watching the videos at Nick’s website.

Nick opened the Local & Live Music Festival Mainstage in 2018. Jake Boyle’s response to Nick's live work was: “F***ing incredible!” and Geno Washington said of his Octave Guitar sound: “Don’t change sh**!”.

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Alice Rose

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Alice Rose has been singing all her life. According to her parents, she sung before she spoke as a baby. She has performed from a very early age, in both sing and acting.

At age 16, Alice was accepted in the prestigious BRIT school in London - former pupils include Amy Winehouse and Jessy J. She gained many musical skills over her time there and one stood out alone more than any of them - songwriting. Since then, Alice has written her own material and performed it in public. She has been taught musically by the outstanding teachers at the BRIT school and, in the summer 2010 by Ray Davies of the Kinks. He described her to have a "rare musical intuition."

Alice also enjoys and acting and creative writing and, back in 2009, became Take A Break's "Young Fiction Writer of The Year."

As well as Mr Davies, Alice has many influences, thanks to the wide variety of music she was brought up on. These include: Richard Thompson, The Beatles, Lilly Allen, T-rex, Kirsty Macoll, The Pouges, Aretha Franklin, Joanna Newsome, Paolo Nutini, Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Otis Redding, Neil Young, Ry Cooder.... to name a few.

Alice hopes that it is this wide mix of influence that makes her music fresh and original.

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Shep! is a cowboy sent from an alternative universe to explain the meaning of life. He found the only way to do this effectively was in the form of music – specifically Country BlueGrass Blues.

If you wanna singalong and win a prize here are some choruses:

Snakebite Street, Snakebite Street, snakes walk ‘round on legs and feet
Snakebite Street, Snakebite Street, don’t get bit by the people that you meet

From year to year, from day to day; from dawn to dark, from birth to grave
We are always, we are Always Heading Home

Come along, everybody come along, while the moon is shinin’ bright
Get on board, everybody get on board, we’re gonna Raise a Ruckus tonight

Everybody loves a Rockin’ Man so rock like a man!
Run to the river, as fast as you can, the river is a friend to the running man

Down the River to the Sea, down the river to the sea
Time will carry you and me, down the river to the sea

Make sure you check out the new website for the live footage being filmed tonight at the Grey lady at www.shepmusic.com 

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