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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 17th February 2019

Start time: 7:40pm

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Headline Act: Jon Grayson

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"An undiscovered talent and a debut to beat all debuts'"
Genius Babble Music

Jon Grayson is a singer-songwriter from the Medway Towns in Kent.

Raised on a steady diet of The Police, City and Colour and Fleetwood Mac, Jon moved to London in 2014 and spent two years honing his songwriting and building a following by playing gigs in every corner of the capital as well as his home town.

In 2016, whilst playing at The Garage in Islington, Jon met producer Jack Watson (Jack + Ella, Changing Colour) and the two formed a relationship and spent the next 18 months writing and building a palette of sounds to start making music.

The Stranger EP is the first product of that time spent on stage and in studio and contrasts a sleek, exciting mix of pop hooks with honest, engaging and often very personal lyrics. These are showcased by Jon’s voice which was picked up by BBC Radio Kent’s Abbie McCarthy, who first aired the single.

"Stranger hooks you to Grayson’s flowing vocals as the sound twists and turns around his poignant outcries”
InQuire Media

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Elo Quitmann

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I don’t go a day without fiddling on my guitar or piano, coming up with new lyrics or challenging my voice to do things I don’t expect it to be able to do. My passion to perform started at an early age and was noticed by a number of people which lead to getting key solos and singing parts in the school choir and other theatre companies. I have achieved my Grade 6 classical singing but realised a while back that my true passion for singing and playing the guitar lies with singer song writing rather than the style I had been learning. My main idols: Melody Gardot, Tracy Chapman, Squeeze and Bob Marley have inspired me to write the music I have despite the variety of genres! Over the past 2-3 years, I have been able to take my song-writing and singing to the next level. Performing in every concert I can, being a core member of the singer songwriter group and writing collaboratively as well as on my own. Recently, I have performed in several gigs in local pubs, as well as being invited by ‘The Leaky Buckets’, a band from Lewes, to sing and play a handful of my own songs as an introduction to their concert. It was a fantastic experience and I hope to do many more of this type of thing in the future to get my songs heard and explore different ways of performing. I have already recorded two songs on school albums for charity, one with ove­r 1500 streams on Spotify and the more recent one getting there. Currently, I am keen to get my music equipment set up at home so I can start recording, editing and tweaking my own music, and carry on performing in as many different venues as I can so that I am noticed by people around the area or possibly further. When I write, every lyric comes from the heart and if I can’t relate to or haven’t experienced what I’m writing about then it is difficult to make it flow. As an artist, I want to be different to other people, to come up with something new that will get other people interested or turn their heads and have a reason to get further with doing what I love! 

Spotify – Elo Quitmann: I Live Mine, Daisy and Back on Track 


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Katie Kittermaster

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Katie Kittermaster is a 18 year old singer/ songwriter from Kent. Her vocals are haunting and distinctive. Her writing is based on teenage relationships, which resonates well with her target listeners. Her writing is fresh and honest. 

She is currently studying at Cranbrook School and will finish her studies in July 2019. She is managed by KRMB Management in London and is sponsored by Taylor Guitars and Aston Microphones. 

Katie lived in Dubai for 3 years where she was lucky enough to perform for Ricky Martin, 50 Cent and Eva Longoria at a gala event for Global Gift. She also opened the charity event at the British Embassy in Dubai for the high profile charity ‘Help For Heroes’. In 2017 she sung at many gigs in the UK including ‘The Big Day Out’ to an audience of over 10K alongside Louisa Johnson, Diversity, Christian Burrows and Atomic Kitten. 

During the Summer of 2018, Katie performed at many festivals in the UK including 110Above and The Great Escape. Katie opened for Jools Holland and Marc Almond at Kimbolten Castle in Cambridgeshire in September 2018 and most recently for Olly Murs in December in December. 

Katie has been interviewed on BBC Radio Kent on two occasions, performing her music live, as well as a host of other local radio stations. Her music has had healthy local TV and Radio support. BBC Introducing played one of her unpublished tracks “What Am I To Do” in January 2019. Most recently the BBC made a short film about Katie. 

2018 saw several National and International songwriting accolades including winning the UK Songwriting Competition. 

ITV’s ‘This Morning’ played ‘Kaleidoscope’ during the fashion segment in May 2018 and have confirmed that they will also be playing ‘T-Shirt’ at a later date. 

Katie’s vocal coach is Joshua Alamu, who works with artists including Fleur East, Little Mix, Raye, Rita Ora, JP Copper and Louisa Johnson. 

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Shep! is a cowboy sent from an alternative universe to explain the meaning of life. He found the only way to do this effectively was in the form of music – specifically Country BlueGrass Blues.

If you wanna singalong and win a prize here are some choruses:

Snakebite Street, Snakebite Street, snakes walk ‘round on legs and feet
Snakebite Street, Snakebite Street, don’t get bit by the people that you meet

From year to year, from day to day; from dawn to dark, from birth to grave
We are always, we are Always Heading Home

Come along, everybody come along, while the moon is shinin’ bright
Get on board, everybody get on board, we’re gonna Raise a Ruckus tonight

Everybody loves a Rockin’ Man so rock like a man!
Run to the river, as fast as you can, the river is a friend to the running man

Down the River to the Sea, down the river to the sea
Time will carry you and me, down the river to the sea

Make sure you check out the new website for the live footage being filmed tonight at the Grey lady at www.shepmusic.com 

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