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Zoe May and Chris Sergeant

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Zoe and Chris met over music on the way back from a Royal Festival Hall concert. Their ideology and passion for music similarities gave them a connection. Before song writing and playing covers at jam nights and charity events together, their individual pursuits shaped their current style. Chris, whose main instrument is bass, also plays guitar and piano. He has played a variety of genres with different groups across Kent. His ability to improvise spontaneously allows songs to 'create themselves', along with suiting accompaniment to Zoe's vocal melodies. At heart Zoe is a singer, but she also plays the flute and piano. She has always had a connection with music from and early age and has fond memories of composing short tunes for her great grandmother when she was very young. Influences come from artists such as The Guillemots, Laura Marling, Katie Melua, Lana del Rey and Mumford and Sons.

"We try to evoke an honesty which people can relate to, music can trigger such powerful emotions. Writing lyrics is an expressive outlet for me and creating a melody guides the emotion behind the words. Musical notes act as a translator for your subconscious mind".

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 4th April 2012
Zoe May and Chris Sergeant, Kyla and Natalie Stroud, Freddy Green (and band), Zoe Konez