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WakeUpTom is the stage name of local singer-songwriter Tom Joseph Walker. Over the last year Tom has been busy writing and recording, and has recently been joined by fellow local musicians Henry Willard, on double-bass, and Tom Heasman, on drums and percussion. Says Walker of the new trio: 'I'd just finished recording some demos in London, and was introduced to Tom and Henry by mutual friends. None of us had met before so I invited the guys round to my place for a jam and we instantly hit it off. It's great to have two wonderfully talented guys as your mates to bounce ideas off and bring your songs to life, whereas before I just had to imagine what the other instruments might sound like! It really opens up a whole new world of possibilities to how you write and how you perform your songs live. Having the opportunity to rework some of your earlier material with a band and try out some new songs is really exciting. We can't wait to start gigging together!'

Tom picked up his first guitar aged ten and hasn't put it down since (or stopped buying them). 'I started off playing acoustic and then bought my first electric when I was fifteen. I'd love to say that I grew up listening to all the old classics but actually my dad mostly played 80's soft rock like Journey and Bon Jovi, which was great, but I've only recently started listening to Clapton, Stevie Wonder, SRV, Nick Drake, etc. I also don't think there's anything wrong in being influenced by contemporary artists like James Morrison, Newton Faulkner, or Mr Blobby…I love modern acoustic players like Andy McKee, and folk singers like Kate Rusby. With the electric guitar I'm more interested in musicians like Clapton, who can actually write good songs and not just shred solos.'

Tom sums up his approach to music: 'Of course, like all singer-songwriters, you want your music to connect with people. But my main aim is that you feel better after listening to one of our songs than you did beforehand, or, simply to put a smile on your face.'

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 28th December 2010
Alfie Noakes (Sevenscore), Phoebe Katis, WakeUpTom (TBC), The Alex Beharrell Band