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The Standard Lamps

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Formed in late 2009 by Mike Wilton, The Standard Lamps believe that it's about time that we took things back to basics. During the last two years, Mike has been experimenting with various musicians to produce ‘The Standard Lamps’ which consists of James Livett on bass and Matt Bennie (Goldie Reed, Billy Jupp) on drums.

Playing countless gigs in the South East, The Standard Lamps have been pleasing audiences since Early 2010. Their music can be described as a mixture of melodic tunes with a raw blues edge. With their first EP ‘Portland’ (2010) and debut album ‘Sell Everything You Own’ (2012) already under their belts, they are now planning the second album with a trilogy of singles to be released throughout Summer 2013.

The Standard Lamps believe in sounding where you come from. The Standard Lamps believe in variety. The Standard Lamps believe having fun with what you're doing. The Standard Lamps believe in giving you a good time.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 11th July 2018
Artist (TBC), Alex Van, Mike Wilton, Alana Hazzard