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These Abruzzo Wolves

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Will Atkins has been writing music since 2004 and has been playing as These Abruzzo Wolves since 2007, with Cam Thomas joining in mid 2010 on drums, guitar and backing vocals but having to put the band on hiatus due to prior commitments at the end of the year. Will continues to play solo under the same name, in a range of different venues across Kent, East Sussex and London. He has managed to write and record over an album’s worth of songs and has brought out a minor release of 11 songs sold amongst friends. Will is currently working on writing and recording a new set of material to showcase through another minor release, various websites and many live shows. He has been acclaimed to be ‘a mix between Nick Drake, Ryan Adams and Fionn Regan’ the three of which form part of his influences, which also include many Folk, Rock, Americana, Country and Soul artists. The resulting sound is a unique, melodic one with many interesting keys and acoustic style riffs. He looks to become more highly acclaimed within the next few months / years.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 29th June 2011
Josh Davies, These Abruzzo Wolves, Mark Chase Band, Ben Richards