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The Naming of Things

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The Naming Of Things sing heartfelt songs of love and loss. Based around the songs of Andrew Lennox, coupled with the sinuous bass-lines of Jim Carrigan, the Tunbridge Wells-based band return after something of a hiatus. After a year that included the release of an eponymous EP, swiftly followed by a change of line-up, a series of personal tragedies has meant the songs have taken a darker, more reflective turn. The new material explores the fringes of folk and Americana (or should that be Canadiana - Lennox is half Canadian) and is influenced by the lyricism of Dylan, Cohen and Waits. The recent addition of Kate Genery, James Cox and Alex Metcalfe to the line-up has taken the band into new and exciting sonic territory. The band will be returning to the studio to record a new E.P. in the autumn.

Expect wistful melodies accompanied by an eclectic array of instruments including banjo, omnichord, glockenspiel, trumpet and accordion.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 1st August 2018
Joe Ackerley, Alex Metcalfe's Catastrophic Organ Failure, Night Without Sleep, The Naming of Things