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The Momeraths

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The Momeraths create an eruption of joyous pop magma forged from homemade instruments, toe tapping rhythms and boy-girl vocal melodies. After self-releasing a hand knitted debut EP and producing a highly collectable limited edition vinyl on the New Slang’s Singles Club, The Momeraths are back with a second EP on DIY label Smuggler’s Records. Recorded in various studios and bedrooms up and down the country, and mixed by Dave Bascombe (The Coral, Emmy The Great and Depeche Mode), The Momeraths have produced four tracks of chiming harmonies, rambunctious pop melodies and witty storytelling, offering some much-needed sunshine in these times of gloominess. Creating a shimmering accompaniment to the delicate motif of a couples’ unrest, title track ‘A Single Cup Of Tea’ moves the folk pop outfit into pastures new with 80’s inspired synths and sharp sonic sounds, whilst the clatter of bar stalls and ironing boards form a unique percussive backbone for the curiously titled summer sing along ‘Millipede Stomps’. Furthermore ‘The Boyfriend Song’, transports you to a tale of unrequited love and the rip-roaring excitement of its impossibility. Littered with squeaking doors, wistful glockenspiels and charming harmonies, the EP draws to a conclusion with a bedroom demo that will surely bring a warmth to even the coldest of hearts. The Momeraths are promoting the launch of the EP by bringing their vibrant live performance to venues across the country. Shows include a London Launch party at The Betsey Trotwood, a shared bill with Kurran and The Wolfnotes and a show for Radio 1’s Bethan Elfyn.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 5th December 2010
Joe Ackerley (with Alice Ackerley), The Momeraths, The Naming of Things, Sorrel Nation