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The Dukes of Kent

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THE DUKES OF KENT are Markus Holler & Chris Gussman. They have played music together since 1984. The have just released an album, on vinyl only ( ok.... and dowloads!) entitled "WELCOME TO THE OAST HOUSE". Markus runs vinyl label and rare record emporium SUGARBUSH RECORDS (www.sugarbushrecords.com) and Chris owns analogue recording studio THE SONIC BUNKER in Crowborough. They play as a duo although they are hoping to expand to a fuller line-up this year in order to promote the album. They will be back in the studio this year to record their next LP.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 31st March 2013
Fighting For Alpha, The Dukes of Kent, Holly Wellington, David Mumford and Mike Wilton