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Paul Crisp, Billy Birjukov, Josh Brice, Jasper Morris – A vibrant, guitar-based indie quartet from Kent, consisting of 4 tea-addicted, instrument-wielding, flamboyant adolescents…

Having formed on a lonely Valentine’s Day in 2016, Suncharmer have been building a loyal fan base and have been attracting the attention of various festivals and venues across the country.

All four members work to create high-energy, driving indie sounds with colourful melodies and psychedelia-infused poetry that draws influence from Jimi Hendrix, T.Rex, David Bowie and Arctic Monkeys. Josh Brice joined in December 2016 to add a new level of strength & creativity and introduced his gloriously shimmering surf-like guitar. The band quickly began to develop their much grittier yet melodic sound, and were soon asked to play events such as The Vicar’s Picnic, Woodlands Festival, Unfest, IPO Festival and Fat Tuesday in Hastings. Suncharmer also supported rising indie stars The Magic Gang in July.

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Last played:

Boxing Day Special show, Thursday 26th December 2019
Steffan James, The Paul Dunton Orchestra, Suncharmer