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Sivix began as an earnest, if misguided project to assist local government in controlling the pest population of their towns and cities using a unique blend of love and pointy sticks. After a particularly shocking incident involving a sentient carrier bag and a drunk rat, the people involved turned to music to soothe their jittery souls. 
Sivix then decided to enter the catering industry, and worked on a concept meal known as "The Noteworthy Banquet". Their idea was to serve a starter of grilled Incubus in a reduced Slash jus, steamed Red Hot Chili Peppers accompanied by a pink Sam Browne and mango sorbet, loin of Joan Osborne peppered with Dream Theater flakes and a dessert of choral based cacophony with sprinkles of musical elements. However, at the first serving, their customers became angered and somewhat litigious. The realisation slowly dawned that music might be a better outlet; it's rather difficult to serve hungry people a concept rather than a potato. 
Thus Sivix the band was born. Writing and recording almost constantly (with small breaks for rodent control), Sivix then have to spend many, many hours trying to work out just how on earth to perform this stuff live. Which we have. Just for you. 

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Sivix, Kachi, The Varlies