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Paul Cheese

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Paul Cheese is the front man of 4th Wall, the loud and up-front indie outfit with concrete in their veins. Now the wild man with three-foot blonde dreads has completed a journey to discover his softer side. He took his acoustic album project on the road with a marathon cycle around the British Isles. Using his skills as a recording engineer – one of his many talents that also include writing and teaching – Paul condensed his studio rig until it fitted on a bike. He then pedalled to the four furthest points of the British mainland, recording the album as he went. He drew inspiration from the locations encountered en route and recorded the performances there and then. ‘A song evokes a place,’ says Paul, ‘Some settings can be uplifting and that influences the sound you make. When you have a big grin, it changes the shape of your voice.’

When he returned from this epic, 2000-mile voyage, Paul had his new album in the bag. Called Just For The Record, it will be launched on 14 January 2013 but exclusive, pre-launch, limited edition CDs will be available at this performance.

To see more of Paul’s journey visit his blog, or visit him on Facebook or at his website.



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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 14th July 2013
Georgia Rajah, Nick Stephens, Paul Cheese, Richard Navarro