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Origami Dinosaur

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Popular local four-piece band Origami Dinosaur was created by Kinsey Green (lead vocals) and Mejelon Majones (lead Guitar/vocals) in a loft in the English town of Tunbridge Wells. Through their combined love of music and passion for all things strange and beautiful, they wrote songs to inspire a disillusioned youth, or just to make them smile. Their style gets its distinction from the very wide influences of the band, rooted in blues and funk but certainly not defined by it, this is giant riffs with quirky beats, disco funk bass and male/female vocal jam insanity. Refreshingly different, obscenely odd, there is nothing quite like origami dinosaur! Funky drummer Robin O'Keeffe joined the band in 2008 followed by bass extraordinaire, MOLE...the band’s very own flea, and on occasion they are joined by special guest, disco mentalist: 'Afro Joe'. The band have an exciting 2009 planned, now officially sold out of the first 2 E.P's, both recorded at local studio 'lo-tek' by producers bombay monkey. new recordings are on their way and are taking new direction and style. Now half the group resides in Brighton, they are dividing their time between their home town and their new town!

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Last played:

Easter Extravaganza - Tickets only!, Friday 22nd April 2011
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