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Night Without Sleep

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Night Without Sleep are amazed they are still alive. They have fully embraced this lease of life in becoming an acoustic duo comprised of Mad Dogs - Wolff Williams (vocals/guitar) and Jim (Funboy) Loosley (guitar/vocals). Trying hard not to let themselves fall into any one genre of music, they are renowned for their dramatic live shows with their close to the mark lyrics and the ability to get under the skin of the listener, marking them out as true artistic performers. Sitting comfortably away from the safety of uplifting pop they offer songs that are interesting, edgy, full of emotion and very different to anything else you will see. They are currently in the studio recording a couple of EPs which is about time.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 1st August 2018
Joe Ackerley, Alex Metcalfe's Catastrophic Organ Failure, Night Without Sleep, The Naming of Things