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MODL are a unique electronic act, combining the catchy musicality of today’s pop sound with the more alternative world of diverse synth and drum sounds, keys and organic instruments. Charlotte’s soulful vocals, acquired from years of experience singing on stage and in the studio, offer an R&B-esque tone to Richard’s range of production and songwriting styles. Together they have been performing for nearly 2 years but their music careers extend much further back to numerous independent ventures and joint projects. MODL now have two official singles steadily picking up plays - with ‘The Things I’ll Do’ featuring on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist - and with an album on the horizon are collaborating more and more with Tunbridge Wells vocalist Imy Laurie, who offers yet another dimension of sound to their recordings.


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 13th December 2016
Martin Stenning, MODL, Arcelia, The Ackerleys