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Mechanical Sunrise

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With no love for the traditional trappings and clichés that pollute the world of acoustic music, Mechanical Sunrise is a two-piece band from the Southeast who deliver a raw, uncompromising sound. Musically, their influences range from Nick Cave and early New Model Army to Israeli trance act Infected Mushroom. Lyrically inspired by everything from universal entropy to the works of avant-garde occult writer Grant Morrison, the duo deliver an acerbic, yet playful commentary on the counterfeit culture that pervades Britain in the 21st Century. Between them, bassist Craig Burton and guitarist Ed Hammond had burnt through a flurry of bands before forming their current project, including local goth-rock legends Purity of Decadence and Stable award winning indie band Zoë From London. However, it is with the Mechanical Sunrise that the two have at last found their voice -and with an almost fetish-like obsession with the apocalypse, the only thing burning this time will be the world as it prepares for the dawn of the Mechanical Sun.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 16th March 2011
SecureVision, Mechanical Sunrise, Luke Bacon, The Logan Wilson Band