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Lui Peng

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Lui Peng is a British-Chinese singer who originally began his musical journey by posting covers on youtube back in 2012. Through the platform, Lui developed a unique acoustic approach to pop songs which he later started performing live on a casual basis. Fast forward to March 2016, Lui began study at Abbey Road Institute, where honed his production skills. His first release since he started at the school, Demons, currently totals at over 200,000 plays on Soundcloud and is due to be released immently as the first taste of his upcoming “Demons EP”. By the end of 2016, Lui had signed two more tracks of his songs to two European dance labels, which were released with him as a feature, totaling another half a million plays on Spotify. Both releases appearing in playlists such as New Music Friday in Multiple countries like France, Germany, and the UK and one of them, “I Still Wonder” (released in December) made H&M’s in-store playlist for the whole Christmas season. In 2017, Lui will reveal two EPs that will define him as an artist. The first to drop will be the long awaited Demons EP, which features 2 guest artist collaborations and 5 different producers.


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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 28th June 2017
Will Watson, Lui Peng, Noble Jacks, Sorrel Nation