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Lucy Baxter

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I am now 18 and about to finish school and I have been gigging for almost 4 years. I began writing songs when was just eight, but hopefully my songwriting has greatly improved since then! Generally I have a very acoustic sound as it’s just my voice and the piano; I like keeping things simple as I want my songs to be about the words and what I’m singing about. I can’t really say that one particular artist inspires me but I love listening to singers such as Eva Cassidy, Birdy and Ed Sheeran. When it comes to writing a song I don’t have a plan, normally a song will begin with me singing a random tune in the shower before running downstairs and finishing up on the piano.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 12th June 2016
Jack Leon Mackey, Ellie Wade, Lucy Baxter, Lui Dodds