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Lorin Jane Forster

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Lorin Jane Forster and her band of merry men (and girl) are an up and coming punk/rock band with the energy to make your Nan strut her stuff, paired with the soft ballads that could make a grown man cry.

Lorin’s power vocals bring the songs to life, paired with Jordan’s dirty riffs on guitar make a force to be reckoned with – but not without Dave’s seamless undertones on bass, Alice’s complex keyboard intricacies and of course not forgetting Artur on the drums – bringing life and clarity to the rhythm.

Lorin and her band have brought the party to O2 Academy Islington, The Alley Cat Denmark Street, and played for NME’s Mark Beaumont presents at The Monarch. The band’s debut EP ‘Still into You’ can be purchased on ITunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

“…powerful tunes from the girl with a guitar and her accomplished band…”
Phil Harrison, BBC Radio Kent




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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Charlotte Tingley, Leo Snook, Lorin Jane Forster, Josh Renton