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Jon McDevitt

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I work as a musician doing whatever comes up, from music therapy to parties. I've written music for a couple of independent films you won't have heard of, and a TV theme you might remember from hungover Sunday mornings if you had Channel 5 on.  Actually it was kids' programme, so you might have been twelve, rather than hungover. I also had a band called Geist from 2001-2007 and we played a lot of gigs and got the first on-line unsigned section started on a major retail website - CDWow (they were major at the time, honestly) We stayed at number one in their unsigned chart for over a year and sold 2000 copies, after which I really should have done better, but stuff happened.  Despite stuff, Anna Jenkins the violinist went on to play with Frank Turner amongst others, I'm still releasing songs on an ad hoc basis with the band still playing on them when needed, and our song 'Father Christmas received a few BBC radio plays on 6 Music and other local stations in 2016.  I'm currently providing music and other noises for Prime8, a new project which aims to teach children about the environment in various ways, centred around the on-line exploration of the lost 8th Continent of Primasia.  It's still in its fledgling stages, but details can be found through my website.


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 5th August 2018
Jon McDevitt, Jack Leon Mackey, Fred Clark, Will Watson