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James Morris

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James is a songwriter and performer, playing live, recording, publishing and releasing new material. James works as a solo aritist but has occasional collaborations with other players and writers on a variety of different projects.James writes in many genre's and has a wealth of original material with touches of country, folk, rock and pop and acoustic singer songwriter tunes. Concentrating on melody and lyrics the songs have a timeless quality and enjoy a strong online following with International radio play and sales.Six albums of original material have been released since 1997 with a new folk/country album "Wait For The Sunshine" out now.From the early 80's he started playing live in folk clubs and had a commission to write music for a touring childrens theatre group, played with Ralph McTell (only football actually on a green in Putney, not music, shame really) and recorded a song "Ronald Reagan Blues" with early 70's Pink Floyd collaborator Ron Geesin. In 1986 he released a 12" single via Rough Trade with the band A La Tienne. Through the following 20 odd years he progressed through various bands and solo projects leading to 6 album releases and many hundreds of live performances including 5 years at the Victoria cafe in Tonder, Denmark as part of the International Folk Festival. In 2012 he released the album "Long Long Time" which received worldwide radio play and the single "Give Me All Your Love" charted at 7 and 30 in the Hotdisc Independent and Country charts respectively. After the release of acoustic album "My Old Scene" early in 2013 a new album of original material was released in September 2013. "Wait For The Sunshine" with it's stripped back catchy tunes and honest lyrics delivers songs of love, hope, sadness, loss and optimism. The opening track Pieces Of Your Heart went Top 10 in the Hotdisc Independent chart during September 2013.

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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 28th October 2014
James Morris, Little Fish, Chameleon, Bison