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Higgs & The Bosons

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Having lived through every era of rock from folk, blues and glam, to prog, punk and indie, Higgs and the Bosons mine a very broad seam of influences. Their hard-nosed, pub-rock songs are anthems to the bewildering realities of the world we all struggle to understand. They say age brings wisdom, but, as their songs show, the only thing we really learn is how little we know. So with bold riffs and acerbic lyrics, Higgs and the Bosons attempt to grab life by the throat and demand answers to the questions not covered by FAQs.  With influences as broad as The Small Faces, Nirvana and The Black Keys, don’t expect to sit quietly through their set; your foot-tap reflex won’t allow it.


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 30th June 2019
Higgs & The Bosons, Infrared