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Drew Worthley

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London-based troubador Drew Worthley has been immersed in the music scene since growing up in Kent. In the last decade he has focused on developing a passionate and distinctive approach to playing the acoustic guitar with other artists, even playing a live session on the Bob Harris show on BBC Radio 2. His debut album ‘The Ember’ is a collection of wistful and honest ballads about love and loss. Although all the tracks are centred around a spine of acoustic finger-picking or strummed guitar, a sprawling web of banjos, ukuleles, cajon, bass and trumpet weave their way around Worthley’s heartfelt vocals to create a diverse musical tapestry. Rhythm&Blues magazine awarded the “intoxicating” record a 10/10 review, whilst Maverick magazine called it an album which “will take an extraordinary effort to even match let alone better.” With a track recently featured in Wired magazine, this is an album and acoustic performance not to miss.

A free download of '3am' is available at Drew's website.


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 10th June 2012
Sophie Rose (formerly Sophie Draper), Will Sid Smith, Drew Worthley, The Ackerleys (duo)