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Daughters Of Davis

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DoD are currently on their UK tour with the release of their debut album 'To The Water', taking to the road for the year ahead; having already spent the last 15 months at it, they are set to play even more major city and towns across the country. The sisters have been passionate about their music and playing together from a young age. Their drive to pursue music has led to them quitting their jobs, selling their cars and investing everything they have to take to the road in a tour van. Living off of economy porridge and 17p soup, and busking their petrol money to get to the next town. The band consists of the two sisters, Adrienne and Fern Davis, who write music with an acoustic folk/soul vibe. Adrienne plays acoustic guitar with vocals that are "gritty and soulful" and Fern incorporates percussion and provides a vocal performance reminiscent of 60's soul, but with a clear and powerful, new folk twist.


Last played:

The Pheasantry, Pizza Express, Thursday 21st March 2013
The Paul Dunton Ensemble, Daughters Of Davis, Arcelia