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Count Bouncy & The Boho Muso Troop

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Chris Piper and Beatrice Gullick are the duo behind the optimistic and bubbly Count Bouncy and The Boho Muso Troop. Chris is an inspired and original singer song writer whose contemporary lyrics about the uncomfortable and pleasurable aspects of our everyday lives create amusement and depth of understanding for those who listen to what he has to say. His guitar and voice is ably supported by double bassist Beatrice who brings syncopated rhythms to the original and poetic lyrics of their songs. Their forte is in creating accessible and punchy Jazz inspired rhythms to hang their entertaining and moving lyrics.

A song such as “Dinner for Two” is typical of their offering, exploring as it does the awkwardness of going on a first date and a man’s hopes, dreams and desires both gentlemanly and otherwise in a quirky and recognizable way which never fails to bring a rueful or humorous smile to the corner of people’s mouths!

A fresh touch and a hint of classic formats for their upbeat songs with a shuffle make them supremely listenable, inventive and fun and it’s easy to forget that these two are accomplished musicians who offer carefully crafted harmonies and deceptively simple melodies to create intimate and entertaining music.



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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 26th April 2017
Jack Leon Mackey, Peter Taylor, Count Bouncy & The Boho Muso Troop, The Varlies