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A 3-piece rock outfit with a difference; This Brighton/Tunbridge Wells based trio have achieved a definitive rock sound and developed impressive songwriting ability in the time it takes most bands to choose a name. The Clockworks sound is innovative and current and whilst they quote influences ranging from Coldplay to Fall Out Boy to Muse, they've carved out a sound of their own. The lyrics are sincere and the music is catchy without being petulant or tedious. Frontman Joshua Renton has a unique voice that leaves you aching for more with each high note.Their debut 8 track album, 'Swings and Roundabouts', produced and recorded by the band, is an incredible tribute to their originality, hard work and seemingly endless well of talent. It has the sonic impact typically found on American productions whilst the songwriting has a distinctly British feel. Stand out tracks 'Ring the Bells,' 'Last Days' and 'Fairytales' reveal the band's anthemic side and will get any audience out of it's collective seat. Tracks like 'Always' and 'Roundabouts' show a more understated, emotive side to their brand of rock giving the album commercial appeal on par with bands like The Fray and OneRepublic. Their live performances give you the overwhelming feeling that they love being on stage together and couldn't be doing anything else. Shows are slick, captivating and seemingly effortless. They're the new kids on the block who have achieved an impressively professional sound both live and in the studio. Their sights are set high and they want to achieve as much as is humanly possible. World domination is not entirely off the cards.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 17th July 2011
When Colours Collide, The Paul Dunton Ensemble, Lo And The Beholds, Clockworks