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Chris Pope

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Emerging on the local singer/songwriter scene over a decade ago after a number of years playing in cover bands, Chris was quickly hailed as “an inspiring modern day troubadour who pens lyrics of real substance and meaning.” His music was described as “touching on themes and experiences that people are genuinely able to relate to and which capture the attention of his audience from the very first note, whether listening to him live or on one of his recordings.”


10 years later despite a long battle with tinnitus, the above remains as true as ever but with the added depth and insight that another decade of life experience brings. He has played regularly in the UK as well as at the fringe at SXSW and a number of venues in around Dallas and Austin. He is also one of the very few artists to have been played every Local & Live festival.


Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 14th November 2018
Jack Leon Mackey, Chris Pope, The Breaks (duo set), Steve Hewitt