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By The 13th

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Based in Kent, By the 13th were formed in stages over 2012. Their sound touches on folk-rock and blues while primarily embracing a classic mix of varying inspirations such as Blondie and Joy Division, The Beatles and Cocteau Twins. Led by strong female vocals reminiscent of Annie Lennox or Florence Welch, the band are balanced by a mix of strong bass lines, driving keys and sprawling guitar melodies.

The band dislike restricting their sound, so it isn't uncommon for an accordion, double bass or different drummer to turn up. As their influences are so diverse, so is their music, with some of their compositions being very playful and curious, whereas others are much more demanding or questioning. 

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 29th July 2014
By The 13th, Megan Jordan, Bison, The Floodgates