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Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers

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Ben Jones and The Rifle Volunteers formed in 2011 out of the embers of Kent band, The Lovedays. Ben found himself with a plethora of new songs, but no band with which to execute these new pop nuggets, so went ahead and recorded two solo albums, "Echobox" and "Kaleidoscope". Though rich in arrangements, with no gunslingers to play the songs live with, the head scratching and pacing up and down began. A chance meeting with Jonathan Llewellyn-Hurst changed everything for the better. With a mandate from him to go forth and form a band with him on drums was the catalyst needed to put into place the new outfit.

Completed by Josh Roots on Piano, John Bowles on guitar, Craig Ferguson on bass and Maxine Kerr on second vocal and guitar, The Rifle Volunteers, so named after a pub in Maidstone, are coming to electrify your soul with their own quirky brand of power pop and Rock 'n' Roll. Taking influence from sources as lauded as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Who and less obvious as Gilbert O' Sullivan, Weather Report and Bruce Hornsby, The Rifle Volunteers aim to create a musical melting pot to have you tapping your feet and feeling the sentiment.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 28th May 2014
Rosie Pennie, The Wildlings, Beet Root (new project from Ben Jones), Quentin Holway