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Bella McKendree

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Singersongwriter Bella Mckendree, formerly known as Annabel Durnford, has been writing and performing for 3 years. Bella’s musical style is acoustic and soulful. Bella’s influences are Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Einaudi, Cat Stevens, Elliott Smith, Joan Baez, Tracy Chapman, Alicia Keys and Bon Iver. Bella brings her experiences and memories into her songs. Her recent headline performance at The Grey Lady was described by Paul as ‘truly breathtaking’ Volunteering in East Africa 2 years ago provides Bella with much inspiration and energy to compose. Having been to Cardiff University to read music and dropped out Bella is now going to Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Thursday 29th December 2016
Bella McKendree, Simon Crabb, Jack Burns, Noble Jacks