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Becky Kinghorn

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An impassioned and gifted 15 year old singer-songwriter, with an intrinsic love of music and singing from an early age, Becky had already performed at Glyndebourne Opera House in the children’s chorus of Carmen, aged 11. A natural talent, she taught herself the guitar at 13 and has been writing music and lyrics ever since. She also plays the violin, piano, ukulele, banjo.

Reaping inspiration from country music artists such as Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, Becky has composed over 50 songs of her own. She frequently performs at school concerts or competitions, where she has won numerous prizes and accolades. Becky spends much of her spare time composing with a goal to record an album of her own. Her aspiration is for people to enjoy her music and want to come back for more!

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 21st April 2013
Becky Kinghorn, T&K, Ted Clark, Worry Dolls