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Architect Effect

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‘Architect Effect’ are a four piece band based in Tonbridge, Kent. The boys are all in their last year of the 6th form at the Judd School and they are aged between 17 and 18. The band have been together for a year and have been experimenting with their genre, finding that despite doing several gigs at the forum they did not feel at home with the heavier rock sound of the venue. Recently the boys have turned their attention to playing acoustic music with a much more relaxed sound to it. Writing some new songs and also altering some of their old songs to fit the acoustic genre, the band now has a number of original songs and also a selection of covers under their belts.

‘Architect Effect’ are currently in the process of recording a few of their own songs, and hope to get CDs with their music made available to people in the local area. They are also playing as many gigs as they can to increase their experience. After finishing school for the last time in June, the boys hope to focus on recording and doing as many gigs as possible at venues like The Grey Lady so that their music is heard by a wide range of people across the area. The boys have hopes of doing a small tour of Britain later this summer.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 11th July 2010
Architect Effect, Josie Lee, Chris Pope, Sevenscore