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Alex Cavanna

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Country, rock, heavy metal, blues and jazz. My music taste is eclectic; I am an experienced and passionate performer in these genres. I have performed with three bands in the last two years, and in that time, have recorded both an EP and 3 singles. I have spent the majority of the past two years performing with my band in venues all over the South, from the 02 Academy in London, to a well-known rock pub in Ashford, as well as many shows at our local venue: The Tunbridge Wells Forum. At the moment, I write and perform a lot of heartfelt Country music, with great influence from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. I write as much of my own music as I can, but I find most comfort in performing songs I’ve been listening to since I was a child. I’ve been dubbed “Tunbridge Wells’ Man in Black” after a show in December 2017.



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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 13th May 2018
Alex Cavanna, Josh Renton, Planet 3 (James McMaster), The Varlies