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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 24th June 2018

Headline Act: Sam Firth

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Sam Firth is a contemporary Folk singer-songwriter focused on storytelling
with a highly conversational and introspective style of lyric. His live
performance commands attention due to the rawness present in his voice and honesty prevalent in his words

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Alana Hazzard

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Alana’s presence is truly mesmerising. Alana delivers an abundance of heartfelt lyrics which create a meaningful and powerful work of art. Each song has a lasting emotional affect which deeply connects with the audience on a personal level. Alana’s unique tone and faultless vocals, coupled with her ability to generate a captivating melody from her emotions and personal experiences, produces a hypnotic experience for the audience when she sings. Alana is an artist with exceptional talent and skill who manages to leave an audience lost for words, purely by the sound of her voice and lyrical creativity.

‘’Alana Hazzard is a truly captivating artist who writes beautifully crafted heartfelt songs laced with pop sensibilities and soulful roots" 
Paul Dunton

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I was always fearful to start writing music, in case my ideas sounded soppy and ridiculous. Last year I began writing lyrics whilst I was travelling in Australia and slowly became more confident in adding melody. I am studying Landscape Architecture but am usually playing guitar and writing ideas for songs between deadlines! Currently my aim is to develop more of an online platform as well as get used to performing my own material.

Growing up with music, I learnt violin and piano to a high level and then began teaching myself guitar. People ask me whether I ever received singing lessons, but I learnt from singing Beatles songs with the piano! I felt very inspired to start song writing from seeing solo female artists such as Julien baker and Lucy Rose in concert. I also look up to folk artists such as Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons. 

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(TBC) Artist

To be confirmed.