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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 19th April 2015

Headline Act: Charley Blue

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The Jazz singing, Violin playing, Rapper...

Charley is a country girl at heart who grew up on a small Kentish farm but from an early age knew she was born to be a performer.

There may be something about Mary Poppins in Charley's sunny smile but things aren't what they used to be back in the day - when she'd play to a farmyard audience, when the countryside was her stage as she rapped into her broom, when cockerels harmonised with her beautiful vocals and when Henry the Horse was her biggest fan.

Charley now has 'Blue', her violin partner in crime, a true star and sight to behold. With his searing strings, desirable curves and eye-catching outfit, Blue is classically shy at first but soon becomes more and more 'Frisky' as the songs get down and raunchy. He is one of a kind, a violin like no other. If you're not coming for Charley, you gotta see the stud that is Blue. 

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Table 15

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Georgie Williams

From a manufactured band to a rustic feel, Table 15 is a fresh start for Georgie...since having to take time out because of illness (all very boring) it’s gone from pvc  catsuits and supporting  Atomic Kitten to pj's and onesies , now working with two of the craziest musicians on planet earth ....if the boys don’t make her laugh all the way through the gig, she hopes you enjoy the songs she has been writing over the last couple of years xx

Vince Tillman

Vince has been on the music scene for at least a couple of weeks now, he found his way into playing guitar by tripping over a busker. Vince takes life very seriously and can often be seen frowning at pigeons in the local park.He has other hobbies as well, gambling, mainly on combine harvesters getting a speeding ticket on the M25, he feels that the stake relative to the odds are pretty good. Vince is looking forward to the fan that turns up at the next table 15 gig as he's not seen his Mum in ages.

Bart Brummer

Bart started his percussion skills about 9 years ago oddly enough after having met Vince who had just returned from a bit of pigeon spotting. He was looking for a member to add to a duo he was in and after having seen my big congas, thought I was the man.... Bart and Georgie met at a jam night early June this year and he instantly fell in love. Georgie's music is to die for and her melodies and lyrics are just sublime. Written from the heart.  It was only natural that Vince was to join us to form Table 15. Apart from Georgie's music we are also introducing some material that Vince and I wrote together about 6 odd years ago.

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Anna Hogg

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Anna Hogg is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter from Kent.  She has been playing guitar and writing her own lyrics since her mid teens and has performed in clubs, bars and outdoor festivals in and around London and the south east for the last few years. Her inspirations are drawn from a wide variety of singers such as Damien Rice to Taylor Swift, but also from her personal experiences of romance, her travels and family. With a style that is individual and contemporary, she hopes to be able to engage and entertain with a range of upbeat and slow tempo songs and lyrics.

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The Days We Don't

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Formed by Drummer Matt Neicho and Guitarist Henry Every, The Days We Don't began life as a 4 piece back in November 2013 (with Adam Taylor and Matt Bond), releasing their debut demo single 'Strangers' in March of the following year. Encouraged by the recent resurgence of rock music (Royal Blood, Drenge, Marmozets), they blend hard-hitting guitar and bass with harmonic layers, punchy vocals and intricate drums.

With gigs at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, Purley and across the region, the now 5 piece (featuring Dom Dingle) has new material OUT NOW in the form of a live recording of their single 'The Melody', and their Debut EP 'Noise Complaint', which went on sale on iTunes, accompanied by a launch party at the Tunbridge Wells Forum, on the 28th February 2015.

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