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Zoe Nicol

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Zoe Nicol Biog

Singer Songwriter Zoë Nicol is a maverick in the world of folk music- a storyteller with a lyrical twist, but more than that, Zoë is an artist who possesses the rare ability to leave an audience breathless. “I recall the moment I first heard Zoë sing I felt completely moved and inspired, you could hear a pin drop as the audience listened intently, everyone present was totally absorbed by her performance. Her songs are beautifully crafted, rich in both melody and creative edge” Music promoter - Paul Dunton

Zoë grew up with the influence of Joni Mitchell and Eva Cassidy who inspired her to become the sincere and heartfelt artist her fans have come to love. Her debut EP entitled ‘Walk Against The wind’ was released in the summer of 2008 and sold out by the winter of that same year. Her captivating stage presence is embellished further by her modest and enchanting persona, she is able to reach out and connect to an audience through her live performances and recordings.

Zoë hails from Tunbridge Wells in Kent. She graduated in 2010 from LIPA (also known as the Paul McCartney Music School) studying performance and song writing, as well as recording her full-length debut album titled “These Are The Stories”, released in April 2010.

Zoë is now pursuing her music in London as part of the band Worry Dolls but still continues to write and perform solo on special occasions. Zoë was given the opportunity to support Joan Armatrading in November 2012 twice, both solo and as part of the band. Worry Dolls released their first EP In February 13 which is available for download from www.worrydollsmusic.com. Zoe is currently performing regularly as part of Worry Dolls and working on the next release.



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The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 22nd September 2019
Ian Knapp, Zoe Nicol, Steve Hewitt