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The Djangos

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The Djangos are a local band, playing a mixture of indie, rock and funk. The band consists of Alex Rogerson (vocals and guitar), Eden Fish (bass, piano/guitar and vocals), and Owen Fox (percussion). The members have been involved in music from an early age, each bringing their own unique sound to the mix. Eden makes up half of 'BigfishLittlefish', Alex has played in 'Wild Eyed', and Owen in reggae band 'Irie Method', and 'Insousciance'. The band have a good relationship with their audience, and frequently cross-dress, although they have yet to do so on stage. Fun fact: 33.3% of the band is bearded, and the other two have yet to perfect their beard growing skills. Their influences range from The Beatles, The Ramones, Peace, Crowded House, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, The Libertines and Local bands like (RIP) Origami dinosaur, and the Charlie Rivers Band. They have headlined The Forum, but are looking to expand their audience, and events. They are looking to push their music into new and exciting areas, with a more funky tone, and hopefully get into the studio to record.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 3rd March 2013
The Djangos, The Alamo, Blinded Bird, Laveer