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The Daytonas

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...feature Martin Herbert on bass, Chris Gussman on lead guitar, Markus Holler on vocals and guitar and Andrew Morley on drums. All four have played in numerous bands over nearly twenty years. The boys enjoy partying, drinking and of course playing music. Their favourites range from the 60s Pop to Progressive Rock to Free Jazz, Country, Funk, Psychedelia, Folk, Blues and 60s Soul. Their own repertoire is the result of millions of hours listening to records by those who have been making great music since the dawn of time. Each time a dusty slab of ancient vinyl is newly discovered the lads assimilate a little of it into their own sound. These boys have no plans for world domination nowadays but want to simply make some noise. Enjoy.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 3rd February 2010
Nick Wilson, The Daytonas, Sammy Lee, Sevenscore