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Stuart Worsell

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Stuart Worsell is a rapper/singer/song-writer from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Started writing lyrics in 2005 listening to grime music, mainly influenced by Wiley and Kano at first. His variety of music branched out over time leading off into genres such as Hip-Hop, RnB/chart music, but found himself preferring artists such as KRS-ONE, Wu-Tang-Clan, Tupac, Klashnekoff, Plan B, early Eminem also many more, he was established in a local group formed of 3 members including himself called FS, the group gained a wide range of listeners through shows successful music videos with international record label releases but FS split up late 2011, since then he has released an EP entitled "Life of a Worrier" made up of covers which managed to get 2,000+ download and also recently he has release a 16 track project "Under The Knife" featuring artists such as Digit, Dazzle, Mr. Basista and more. Currently doing shows all over Kent and London and working on 2015 projects.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 9th May 2017
Adam Chadbout, Stuart Worsell, Josh Renton, Lee Williams