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Stray Dogs

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Stray Dogs are an indie, big sound, fashionista rock band from Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Having successfully made the transition from acoustic two piece to full five piece electric band, they've been blowing people away with their energetic and soulful shows. Dressed to within an inch of your life their music reflects this image. Fast, furious, razor sharp with one eye on the road ahead at all time! Coming from all walks of life these five young men have been thrown together from an assortment of bands and solo projects. They all have a similar goal which is to convert the unconverted to their cause.....Stray Dogs!  Stray Dogs are in the early stages of what WILL prove to be a glistening career. Hold on to your sta press!

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 31st July 2013
Poppy Hopson, Emily, Hannah Haynes, Stray Dogs