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Second Helpin'

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Second Helpin’ were formed in 2011 after John S Grant and Robert Harmer met on the Internet ! following Rob answering an Ad that John had put on “Kent Gigs” and it seems they got on well.

 Rob had been playing Electric guitar in bands playing Rock and Roll / Rock covers for years but had been brought up as well on listening to Country Music. He is influenced by this style of music but credits guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa as influences as well. 

John began his musical ventures with Acoustic guitar with early influences such as Loudon Wainwright and Bruce Springsteen but like Rob he is influenced by many music genres. He is perhaps more of a late developer in performing but began with an Acoustic duo, then a blues/rock covers band.

Second Helpin’ began with playing covers at Jam nights around the Tunbridge Wells area and linked up with the Acoustic Valium Project where they were encouraged to write their own material. Their music is difficult to put in to a defined category but there is Country and Blues (John’s Harmonica really lifts this) and bits in between.

Vocal harmonies form a big part of what they play and so too does humour and this is evident in their first 11 track CD, ”The Road.” Following  a very difficult period of non-music related issues in the last 12 months they are now re-emerging and gigging.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 13th January 2016
Josh Renton, Second Helpin', Jessica Simpson, Lee Willz