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Sam Cork

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''The music I’ve always been most interested in is the folk movement of the 1960’s and also the roots of the blues music that came out of Texas and the Mississippi Delta; artists with story teller’s names like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Blind Willie Mctell. I like to try and convey a story through my music; and folk music and the blues carries the tales, emotions and worries that man has felt for time immemorial. I like to play the harmonica to accompany the guitar and vocals and I stick it in a neck brace so I can play along at the same time. Other than the more folky and bluesy vibe I also have a couple of songs which would fit more in the rock genre but given that I play by myself don’t come out like the conventional rock tune, I assume. But I love the decadence and riffs or rock music and I incorporate these songs into my sets, I guess though that it all comes back to telling a tale and so whatever kind of song I’m playing this is usually the case, but it’s very hard to put labels on what I’m trying to do, as it’s very much the beginning of the road.''

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 28th July 2015
Sam Cork, Kirsty Macleod, Steffan James, The Paul Dunton Orchestra