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Rob Sandall

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Rob, musically, is the sum of his parts – to pay the bills he edits and writes for music and literary publications in Essex and San Francisco. Coupled with the taint of an on-again off-again pop band in New York and regular acoustic dalliances with The Grey Lady, the resultant set lists are a little too smug with the word play (see this bio) and a little too catchy with the sing-alongs. He's not one to stick to a style for long, but lately has found himself heavily influenced by Evan Dando, Failure and right now The Hurricane himself. He's also planning to get a little jazzy this time around.

Finding the concept of singing protest songs in Tunbridge Wells comically abhorrent, Rob instead opts to further wear the much-travelled road of Stuff That Concerns Women and Love, the lack of subject originality adding a touch of endearing desperation to his vocals. He does jokes, too. Just not good ones. :(

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 7th March 2010
The Paul Dunton Ensemble, Rob Sandall, Richard Navarro (formerly known as Richard J Lewis), Origami Dinosaur