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Red, Green & Blue

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Red, Green and Blue: a tiny ensemble with a huge dynamic, whose original songs are difficult to categorise and hard to forget.

Brian McDonald and Megan Ramsay met at an open mic in Surrey one winter’s night and they’ve been singing together ever since. The acoustic duo’s tight vocal harmonies reflect the spark that drives them – and their choice of covers may surprise you.

“ear-gasmic… Red, Green and Blue caused a stunned silence with their beautiful songs and phenomenal harmonies” – Ben Armstrong, Producer and Sound Technician, Ben Armstrong Services

“you can’t watch these two and not be reminded of the American duo The Civil Wars” – Dave Phillips, New Music at the Dorset

“unique musical and vocal talents… just fabulous!” – Steve Townsend, Onestoppers Entertainment Management

“wonderful acoustic duo… a magic mixture of originals and covers with their own touch” – Chris Berry, Director, Printers Playhouse


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 7th October 2018
Spicy Pesto (aka Martin Stenning), Red, Green & Blue, Ryan Weeks Band