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overbydawn are a 4 piece band from Kent, England. They combine their passionate melodic music with lyrics that mean everything and nothing at the same time merging the two into songs that covey hope, despair, love and anger. With Ashley's inimitable vocals and uniquely crafted arrangements, Andy's emotive guitar riffs, Phil's subtle bass lines and Stuart's driving drum patterns, overbydawn are a band to take over your senses. The band formed in May 2009 and started performing live only 2 months later ending the year with a triumphant gig at London's famous Bull and Gate pub. The band however, ended the year without a bassist but started 2010 with a friend of the band joining on bass duties to help throw themselves into honing their sound live. overbydawn are looking to have their debut E.P out by October this year.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 15th August 2012
Ash Evans (from overbydawn), Jenny Ridley and the Dead Poets Society, Leanie Kaleido, Intraverse (acoustic)