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Olly Hume

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Music has always been on the agenda for Oliver, playing in a number of bands since the age of about 14 years old. It can be said that it was over this diverse period of musical involvement that he discovered what kind of music it was that he wanted to play and produce. Having occupied the roles of drummer, keyboardist and backing singer in his previous band (sadly not all at once) Oliver always wanted to play the piano and sing – something he is now happy to be doing. Oliver’s style is difficult to confine to a single genre, he tries to avoid his songs all sounding too similar and wants to incorporate a number of different instruments and styles when he comes to record in the very near future. His sound is a very relaxed one, with the songs aiming to evoke a reaction of enjoyment and emotion in the listener. In terms of musical influences, Oliver states that Coldplay are probably his biggest musical inspiration, but he takes influence from a wide range of artists including some contemporary artists such as Bastille and John Legend as well as some older artists like the soul great Otis Redding and rock legends Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Oliver’s aim is to play as much music as he possibly can, in front of crowds big or small. The dream is to one day make music his entire life, but until then it remains the most passionate of hobbies.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 20th January 2015
Hugh Kemp, James Wood, Olly Hume, Sean de Burca